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The eco-friendly design, sustainable timber pavilion | Photo source Marco Mermeulen

Dutch pavilion uses eco-friendly design, sustainable timber

Architecture & Design

The pavilion is designed to showcase how cross-laminated timber can be used in eco-friendly construction

Spotted: Netherlands-based designers, Studio Marco Vermeulen, have created an eco-friendly pavilion using timber. The goal of the design is to demonstrate the environmental benefit of using sustainable materials. 

The pavilion was built with cross-laminated timber. Cross-laminated timber is a composite of locally sourced wood that has been cut into planks, which are then glued together using a formation that increases flexibility and strength. 

The result is a sustainably sourced building material that can replace brick, block, concrete and timber frame systems. Cross-laminated timber has a lower carbon footprint than other types of construction material, according to the designers. That is because timber consumes carbon monoxide instead of producing it. 

The fact that it is prefabricated means it is also easier and quicker to use in building projects, they say. The pavilion was built with modular parts so it can be taken down and reassembled for future events.

The pavilion was built as part of the Dutch Design Week to house exhibits using timber in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. 




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