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A device connects the plant and the collar | Photo source The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

A wearable that helps to understand the needs of plants

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Worn around the neck, the BioCollar has been designed to help plant owners better understand the needs of their plants by delivering real-time feedback

Spotted: The term “Plant Parent” has become a standard term in a millennial’s everyday vocabulary. However, many people still struggle to take care of their plants because there are many factors that contribute to plant health. Designed by students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, the BioCollar wants to be an intermediary between plants and humans. Worn around the neck, it aims to build empathy between the wearer and their plant.

A device in the plant pot connects the plant and the collar, which the owner can wear. The wearer is then provided with real-time feedback of their plant’s needs. For example, the wearable becomes slightly tighter if the plant needs water, gets warmer when the plant is taking in too much sunlight and vibrates when the plant is infested by pests. The BioCollar project is currently in its first stage and has been tested on over 100 subjects.

The BioCollar was designed as part of a larger system called the BioPermit, a service that uses the collar to test prospective plant-buyers. At present, the system is a speculative one, with a goal of testing future scenarios and possibly developing sensors that convert plant-needs into haptic feedback.

Written By: Serafina Basciano

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