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Bixie bike | Photo source Kickstarter

Kids balance bikes are back, this time in a more sustainable version


A start-up has designed a hand-made, wooden balance bike that is more sustainable than the ubiquitous plastic versions

Spotted: Slovenian start-up Bixie has designed a hand-made, all-wooden balance bike for kids aged 1.5 to four, that proves you are never too young to show your environmental credentials. 

The company designed the bike with a minimalistic style, to reduce the total amount of wood used. The bike is designed to be sustainable, with no plastic parts and using 75 per cent less glue than plywood versions. It is finished with natural wax and oils, rather than paint, making it safe to lick. The beechwood used in the bike’s construction is all locally-grown, and all of the leather and metal are also sourced locally.

Bixie founder, industrial designer Andrej Kregar, got the idea for the bike when his daughter turned one and wanted a balance bike. Kregar realised he wanted a sustainable, plastic-free option. The Bixie is currently being funded on Kickstarter, where super early bird prices for the bikes started at €134,99. Delivery is estimated for May 2020.

Balance bikes are a popular way to help young children develop balance and coordination skills, while also getting them interested in cycling. More than a toy, balance bikes are also a safe way for kids to learn how to ride a bicycle, without the need for training wheels.



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