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The virus collection is made from up-cycled plastic | Photo source Maaji

Fashionable protective clothing made from up-cycled plastic

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The fabric is made with recycled yarn from plastic-recovered bottles, the labels from sugar cane fibre and the printing process reduces water usage by 98 per cent

Spotted: Colombian clothes brand Maaji is selling fashionable virus protective clothing made from recycled plastic.

Since sisters Manuela and Amalia Sierra founded the brand in 2002, Maaji has been dedicated to leveraging the latest research to produce eco-friendly materials, fabrics and printing processes. In addition to this, they have planted over 100,000 trees and continue to lead beach clean-up efforts. 

Items for sale include a protective hoodie mask and a long jacket with face protection. The fabrics and protective layers of the garments are knitted with premium post-consumer recycled yarn, from plastic recovered bottles. They also use an Eco Digital printing process that reduces water usage by 98 per cent, meaning that the overall production process produces 80 per cent less CO2.

And if that wasn’t enough to fulfil all your sustainability fantasies, their labels are made of 100 per cent sugar cane fibre and don’t use bleaching chemicals. The process of producing these labels saves 9.3 per cent of water and 13.5 per cent of energy.

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