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Subscribers to Queen of Raw pay monthly and track their waste streams in real-time | Photo source Queen of Raw

Blockchain marketplace rescues fabric waste from landfill

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The platform identifies supply chain waste and automatically puts the materials up for sale

Spotted: Billions of dollars worth of fabric ends up in landfill each year. Most of it is usable. Sales platform Queen of Raw uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to divert tonnes of those usable materials to other individuals and brands. Businesses wanting to work more sustainably use the company’s material exchange programme, MateriaMX, to identify areas of waste within supply chains. That stock is then automatically added to the Queen of Raw marketplace, ensuring that not only do businesses waste less, but they earn more.

There is no minimum amount of fabric required to become a seller on the site, and listings are free of charge. Queen of Raw charges a commission based on the size of each total sale, and sellers have significant leeway in determining their own returns, cancellations and other policies.

MateriaMX helps companies gain a thorough understanding of areas within their business that could use improvement. Subscribers pay monthly and track their waste streams in real-time, ultimately saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of water, yards of fabric and a range of other costs.

Zero waste and net-zero results are impressive, necessary and challenging goals that many innovators have set for themselves. From office blocks to takeaway containers, Springwise has spotted a range of approaches designed explicitly to reduce waste and better support the natural environment.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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