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Carbon dioxide used to create sustainable foods

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Air Protein food is made completely free from any pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics

Spotted: Air Protein uses carbon transformation technology to develop air-based meat from elements found in the air we breathe. It is made completely free from any pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics.

The idea of making food out of carbon dioxide originated in the 1960s, when NASA scientists were looking at different aspects of human space travel. Decades later, Lisa Dyson, CEO of Air Protein, is using technology belonging to the company Kiverdi, to develop protein from air.

Air Protein is significantly more sustainable than any land-based production, as no arable land is required and natural habitats remain untouched. Fermentation vessels have been developed that can combine gases found in the air with water and mineral nutrients, which efficiently convert it into a protein-rich flour. The vessels use renewable energy and a probiotic production process, and what is produced has a neutral flavour, packed with all the essential amino acids and B vitamins. It is also fairly versatile and can be used to make a diverse range of food products, including pasta, cereals, shakes and protein bars.

With food resources currently at a critical shortage, air-based meats could be a huge step in the right direction. “We believe that air-based meat is the next evolution of the sustainably-produced food movement that will serve as one of the solutions to feeding a growing population without putting a strain on natural resources,” Dyson told Food Dive.

Air Protein is currently in development, working on products that they hope will be available this year, and in discussion with several companies with whom they could form product partnerships.

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