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BrewDog will offer shares in its business for empty BrewDog beer cans | Photo source BrewDog

British craft brewer offers company stock for cans

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BrewDog's "Cans for Equity" programme, one of several new company sustainability initiatives, rewards one share of stock for 50 empty beer cans

Spotted: Aberdeenshire brewery BrewDog has developed a “Cans for Equity” programme, which rewards anyone who trades in 50 empty BrewDog beer cans with stock in the company — making them a so-called “Equity Punk.” It is one of six new initiatives that BrewDog’s co-founder and CEO James Watt says will “inspire a new kind of business, with sustainability at its core”.

With these empty beer cans, they also promise an “upcycling revolution”; old cans will be “refilled with craft beer and given a new lease of life”.

The company also want to offer transparency on their recipes and beer standards, and are encouraging responsible brewing at home, which will reduce liquid transport miles. Moreover, to reduce their waste, any beer that doesn’t reach BrewDog’s standard will be used to make vodka. 

Finally, BrewDog has promised to invest £1M every year supporting purpose-driven research and other initiatives “that help the brewing industry to have a positive impact on the world.”

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