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Écotable operates by performing an environmental audit of restaurants | Photo source Écotable

Platform rates and promotes sustainable dining establishments

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Restaurateurs and customers alike can benefit from online platform Ecotable, which identifies, rates and promotes sustainable restaurants in France

Spotted:  There is no doubt that attitudes around sustainable dining are changing rapidly. According to recent statistics, 91 per cent of French citizens who eat out want restaurants to produce more locally-sourced, organic and home-made food. But seeking out these restaurants is easier said than done, and how can we really be sure where the food on our plates comes from? The French startup, Écotable, founded in 2019, has discovered a way to tackle this issue, by raising the profiles of sustainable eateries in Paris and beyond, in order to increase general awareness about a more mindful and environmentally responsible way to dine out.

Écotable operates by performing an environmental audit of restaurants, in order to assess the ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint and increase their environmental standards. Through constructive and measurable goal-setting, Écotable advises, guides, and educates impactful players within the food sector (from local fruit-farmers to commercial catering companies) on how to adopt more ethically responsible practices. Adhering to strict audit criteria, Écotable identifies and promotes, via its online platform, the most sustainable restaurants to the general public. Since its conception, the company has developed an expansive online network of service providers committed to the ecological food transition.

It even has its own podcast series, “Sur le grille d’Écotable”, which explores the pressing environmental, social and health issues pertinent to the catering industry. Most recently, the company has joined forces with other Paris-based catering organisations to feed key medical care professionals in the battle against the COVID pandemic.

Written by: Tabitha Bardsley

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