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Nicolaou has created a folding, modular storage system that easily reveals the contents | Photo source PRESENTA

Modular fridge design helps prevent food waste

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The pull-out, rotating storage cases make it easy to see what is inside your fridge

Spotted: Refrigerator user experience is probably a fairly rare area of interest. Thank goodness for Thalis Nicolaou. His PRESENTA fridge design completely reimagines the appliance, with the specific goal of improving user experience, and reducing food waste. Having identified the depth of refrigerators as the cause of most foods being forgotten and so thrown away, Nicolaou has created a folding, modular storage system that easily reveals the contents.

The door of the new design completely folds aside, thus eliminating the need to awkwardly hold it open with a shoulder, while searching for something in the back. The storage racks pull out and rotate, allowing users to see what is on the shelves at a glance. Each shelf is itself a removable, modular storage unit that can be moved up and down or taken out entirely. This design flexibility makes it much easier to accommodate cumbersome items, as well as alter the layout as contents change.

A deep, wide drawer at the bottom of the fridge completes the redesign by retaining one of the more useful aspects of current styles. The PRESENTA is patent-pending, and Nicolaou is currently seeking funding for the production of a real-size prototype.

From smart technologies to electric-free versions, many of the refrigerator innovations spotted by Springwise seek to help preserve the environment by reducing food waste.

Written by: Keely Khoury

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