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The app scans the barcode and rates products in real-time | Photo source Yuka

App alerts shoppers to unhealthy products in real-time

Food & Drink

The Yuka app deciphers labels to provide clear, real-time analysis of products, based on a healthy diet and the potential danger of ingredients

Spotted: The French app Yuka decodes labels on food and beauty products, in order to make it easier and more transparent to shop for healthy goods. The app scans the barcode and rates products in real-time, alerting shoppers to unhealthy ingredients. For food products, Yuka ratings are based on three criteria: nutritional quality, additives and if the product is organic. 

The app provides an easy-to-read score: green light for healthy, red for unhealthy. There are also yellow and orange scores for products that fall in between. If the product is deemed unhealthy, the app recommends a healthier alternative.

Yuka has a similar system for rating cosmetics and personal health products. The app analyses the ingredients and grades it according to the probability that it will present a health risk.

Yuka, available for Andriod and iOS systems, is free to download. The app is currently available in several EU countries, the UK and North America. A premium version, which includes diet plans and other extra services, is available for purchase. 

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