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The Briiv is designed to not only be sustainable, but also to look beautiful | Photo source Briiv / Indiegogo

Terrarium doubles as a sustainable air purifier

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An innovative air purifier is designed as a terrarium that filters air through the use of plants

Spotted: Good indoor air quality is vital to your health in all sorts of ways – from reduced risk of respiratory conditions to cognitive function and getting a good night’s sleep. There are a large number of indoor air purifiers on the market, but a new filter promises to be the most sustainable ever developed. The Briiv Air Filter resembles a terrarium and contains a miniature forest that filters the air naturally.

The compact Briiv uses four different types of natural air filter, each of which traps different types of particulate. The top layer of moss traps large particles such as dust and animal dander, and underneath the moss is a layer of coconut fibres, to filter out bacteria and mould spores. Then comes a silk nanofibre, which traps floating dust and finally, there is a layer of activated charcoal to filter out unpleasant odours. 

Briiv claims that its filter is as effective as a standard HEPA filter and provides the same air quality benefits as 3,043 houseplants. However, unlike a HEPA filter, the Briiv’s filters all decompose. The plastic case is also sustainable, made from a bio-plastic derived from elephant grass.

Briiv also comes with a host of smart features and can be controlled from an app. The filters’ designers are committed to a circular design process, choosing materials for their high degree of recyclability. The company states: “We decided early on that being recyclable was not good enough when it comes to plastics, as most can only be recycled a few times.”

The Briiv is expected to begin shipping in early 2021 and will cost around €385. But this is not the only company to develop novel air filters. An Italian startup has developed a flowerpot that filters indoor air, and a South Korean company has recently developed a filterless air purifier that uses light to zap indoor pollutants.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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