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The system is filterless and low-energy | Photo source Hydraloop

Dutch system recycles 85 per cent of household water

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The low-energy, filterless system collects water from the shower, bath and washing machine and removes dirt and debris, reducing water waste

Spotted: Dutch startup Hydraloop has created a patented water recycling system that collects household water waste and cleans it. The system, which does not require a filter, allows people to reuse greywater and reduce waste. 

The company says the system could reduce household water use by 75,000 litres a year.

The system is compact and automated, making it easy to use. Hydraloop uses patented technology to collect household water and clean it. The system works without a filter, reducing waste, and requires very little energy to work. Instead of a filter, the Hydraloop cleans water using several processes, including sedimentation, UV disinfection and an aerobic bioreactor.

Once cleaned, the water can then be re-used in toilets, washing machines or any other purpose other than drinking. Hydraloop comes with an app to help households optimise water savings. The app can track the amount of water recycled and saved. It can also notify users if, for example, there is enough recycled water to run the washing machine. The system maintains the cleaned water at room temperature, eliminating the need to waste energy heating it. 




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