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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, vast swathes of city centre real estate lies empty | Photo source Oliver Hale on Unsplash

Disused office space becomes smart vertical farm

Agriculture & Energy

An AI growing platform makes use of empty office spaces through commercially scaled vertical farming

Spotted: Finnish ag-tech company iFarm has created a service platform named Growtune for smart, remote management of vertical farms. As countries grapple with the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, vast swathes of city centre real estate lie empty and may continue to do so for months and years to come. Growtune brings literal life to the empty spaces through commercially scaled vertical farming. Urban dwellers now have access to fresh produce grown within walking distance of their front door.

Growtune helps urban farmers manage every aspect of their work, from choosing which crops to grow to planning harvest schedules across multiple sites. The platform remotely manages myriad variables crucial to the success of the crop, from indoor microclimate to lighting and nutrient schedules and early detection of disease. The range of predators and weather challenges that are eliminated through indoor vertical farming is vast. Farmers using the platform increase their financial and physical yields by saving time and energy that used to be spent on machinery maintenance, staff management and pest control.

The iFarm team currently seeks expressions of interest from anyone wanting to start an urban vertical farm. The company actively promotes networks of sustainable food-related businesses and provides support in a range of ways, from technology solutions to investment and retail opportunities.

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Written by: Keely Khoury

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