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The possibility of a product rental scheme has been recently discussed by LEGO. | Photo source Nathan Duck on Unsplash

Lego considers brick rental scheme


The idea is one of several currently in development, as part of the company’s continued investment in sustainability.

Spotted: The LEGO Group has invested millions of pounds in its work on increasing the company’s sustainability and has set ambitious goals for itself. The Group is working towards sustainable packaging by 2025, with the aim of making the majority of products sustainable by 2030. The possibility of a product rental scheme was recently discussed by Tim Brooks, Lego’s vice president, who is responsible for the company’s sustainability. 

The idea is one of several currently under consideration, as part of the company’s persistent efforts to reduce its environmental impact. As well as looking into reuse and recycling, Lego has a team dedicated to researching and developing non-plastic materials. The Group introduced its first plant-based bricks in 2018. Made predominantly from sugarcane, ninety-eight per cent of the materials in the sustainable bricks are plant-based. They look and feel identical to traditional bricks. 

Having initially launched the plant-based pieces as a set of botanical shaped bricks, the company has since expanded its use within a range of designs. One of the newest products to utilise them is the LEGO Ideas Tree House, which uses more than 180 of the sustainable bricks. 

The company continues to develop and strengthen its Planet Promise commitment and dedication to transparency within supply chains. In September 2019, the Reputation Institute named The LEGO Group as number one in the world in its annual corporate responsibility study. 

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