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The waterproof pellets can be used to package food or industrial goods | Photo source Lactips

French company produces biodegradable plastic from milk


Lactips’ milk-based water-soluble pellets mimic plastic and can be used for waste-free, edible packaging

Spotted: France-based company Lactips has developed a method to turn milk into pellets that mimic plastic. The water-soluble and edible pellets are the world’s first fully biodegradable, plastic-free material, according to the company.

The company uses its own methods to turn milk protein into an edible bio-plastic.

The result is waterproof pellets that can be used to package food or industrial goods. The pellets can serve as raw material to create thermoforming, films, or any kind of plastic. They dissolve in warm or cold water and create a natural barrier to oxygen.

Lactips received funding from the EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The pellets are being launched as fully biodegradable packaging for detergents, and Lactips is also planning to create a 2,5000 square metre plant in the near future. The company recently signed a distribution agreement with IMCD Group to market the pellets in France and the Nordic countries. 

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