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Part of the Recyc Leather recycling process | Photo source Recyc Leather™

Recycled leather retains the appearance and feel of the original


Recyc Leather™ uses smart recycling on natural leather fibres, to create a material that is highly durable and retains the properties of traditional leather

Spotted: Recyc Leather™ is a green technology company that launched in August 2016. For a long time, leather scraps have been recycled and turned into synderme, also known as recycled bonded leather, and used as a reinforcing material in shoe soles or furniture trims. 10 years ago, Aron Yu, founder of Recyc Leather™, sought to formulate an improved recycled leather product that was stronger and softer, and not limited by its brittleness.

Recyc Leather™ offers a green alternative to genuine leather from both a sustainable and economical perspective. The company sources its scrap leather solely from industrial glove factories, where production requires very little chromium and treatments. The scraps are handpicked to ensure the highest quality and then they are crushed and re-bound with natural latex. The result of this is a highly durable and light product that retains the appearance and feel of traditional leather.

An increasing number of consumers are ready to use recycled material products, due to smart recycling systems and certified recycling processes. Therefore, after years of continuous innovation, testing and improving, Aron Yu is now looking forward to expanding his production line and working with more companies across different industries.

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