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On Thank My Farmer, you can trace your coffee from bean to cup | Photo source Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

An app for tracing coffee beans and thanking farmers


The app links the consumer to the farmer, making it easier to ensure the coffee is sustainably grown and responsibly sourced

Spotted: The Thank My Farmer app connects coffee drinkers with the farmers who grow and pick the beans for their beverage. The app was created by Switzerland-based Farmer Connect to increase the transparency of bean origins and link coffee lovers with farmers.  

The Thank My Farmer app aims to improve the livelihoods of small farmers and bolster transparency and quality for consumers. A lot of data is already collected along the supply chain from farmer to coffee drinker. But each player in the chain usually only collects data on a small portion of the journey. That data is stored separately and is difficult to access.

Thank My Farmer uses IBM blockchain technology to link all the available data and map the route from farm to coffee shop for consumers. Farmer Connect says it is the only app of its kind focused on smallholding farms and supported by the industry.  It promises an easy-to-use format for coffee lovers to trace the origins of their favourite beverage. 

Farmer Connect is working on technology that will allow coffee drinkers to support the communities where their favourite beans are grown. 

Thank My Farmer was introduced at the CES Conference in Las Vegas in January. The app will be ready for consumers in the US, Canada and Europe in early 2020, for select coffee brands.  Springwise has previously spotted similar innovations for food items, including BioMar’s Discovery app for seafood



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