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Liv bikes are designed for women | Photo source Liv

New e-bike designed for women

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Bike manufacturer Liv has designed a sophisticated new e-bike, designed to fit women’s bodies and the way they ride bikes

Spotted: Electric bikes are becoming more popular every day, allowing people who might not otherwise cycle to get on the road. Now, Liv Cycyling, a company aimed at getting more women on bikes, has introduced its E+ series, designed especially for women. The company’s new models have the comfort of a flat-bar bike, the light feeling of a road bike and the extra oomph of an e-bike.

The line includes the Thrive E+ Ex Pro, Thrive E+ 1 Pro and Thrive E+ 2 Pro, which all have aluminium frames and the SyncDrive Pro motor, designed by Yamaha. The motor will multiply a riders’ effort by up to 360 percent, and automatically adjusts the support level based on the riders’ pedalling input. The Thrive E+ Ex Pro also includes both front and rear lights, a kickstand and a rear rack, to make in-town riding more convenient.

If it weren’t for marketing, it would be hard to tell how the bike is particularly aimed at women. It offers a sleek profile, with an integrated battery that can charge to 80 per cent in just 1.4 hours and can last up to 110 km. The series also features a handlebar-mounted control system that provides heart rate, time, distance or speed, along with battery capacity and estimated range, and connects via Bluetooth with an app.

According to Szu Chen, Liv E-bike Marketing Specialist, “This new E-bike eliminates barriers in cycling and gives riders the freedom to go farther and faster on paved roads, knowing the motor is there for support.” While this feels like something men could appreciate as well, Liv also claims they design bikes with, “frames that fit our bodies. Components that respond to our strength. And designs that defy stereotype.”

Springwise has seen a number of innovations designed especially for women, including an anti-groping stamp, and football shoes designed for women’s feet. Liv’s new e-bikes join the growing trend.



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