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The CBX SOLAR cargo box is a vehicle rooftop storage unit with solar panels | Photo source Tim Trad on Unsplash

Cargo box solar panel for vehicles provides off-grid power

Mobility & Transport

A sustainable method for powering devices provided to campers and remote travellers

Spotted: When adventure takes the path less travelled, outdoor equipment storage specialists Yakima make it easy to transport the necessary kit. Designed in partnership with solar technology experts, Sunflare, the CBX SOLAR cargo box is a vehicle rooftop storage unit, with an integrated solar panel.

The panel is lightweight, flexible and strong, and able to withstand extreme temperatures and wind without cracking. Two USB ports in the panel provide five volts of charging power. Best of all, the solar panel completely eliminates the need to run vehicles for off-grid electricity.

From base camp tents to ski hitch adapters, surfboard racks and fishing rod carriers, Yakima’s tough, durable storage solutions help lovers of the outdoors travel with ease. The CBX SOLAR is only one of the company’s latest range of new products, and it won Outside Magazine’s Gear of Show 2020 Product of the Year award. The cargo box will be available for retail sale from mid-August 2020.

Other examples Springwise has spotted of the transformative power of solar energy include a backpack that helps children in remote villages study after dark and a university’s smart power system that has put it on the path to carbon neutrality.

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