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The sticker on plastic bottles warns about cost of single-use plastic | Photo source Carma Intervenções Sociais

Brazil grocery 'hack' campaign highlights single-use plastic waste

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Organisers went into grocery stores to label plastic bottles with its anti-single use stickers, which highlighted that half of all plastic waste is not recycled in Brazil

Spotted: Brazil-based company, Carma Intervenções Sociais, has launched a social campaign to educate consumers about the environmental cost of single-use plastic. The campaign highlights the fact that half of the plastic bottles used in the country are not recycled.

Carma Intervenções Sociais organised a grocery store “hack”, labelling plastic bottles with its anti-single use stickers. The sticker informs consumers that despite the “recyclable” label on plastic bottles, half of all plastic waste is not recycled in Brazil. 

“The idea came when we discovered that Brazil can only recycle half of the PET bottles consumed,” the group told Springwise. “We then think that this should be identified so that the consumption of this kind of material decreases.”

Carma Intervenções Sociais has made the stickers available for other groups that want to continue the campaign. 




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