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A Go Negative bracelet | Photo source Go Negative

Carbon negative jewellery now for sale


A startup is crowdfunding for a bracelet made from carbon dioxide, captured from the atmosphere.

Spotted: We all want to do our part to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. California-based company Go Negative has developed a bracelet made with captured atmospheric carbon. The company hopes that by buying its products, consumers will help Go Negative become a major buyer of Direct Air Capture carbon, demonstrating that there is a big demand for the technology.

The carbon in the bracelets is provided by Carbon Upcycling Technologies, which has developed a way to store concentrated CO2 in solid materials. Each bead is a blend of atmospheric carbon and naturally-sourced clay, held together with natural fibres.

The bracelets are available in three styles and price levels, and money from their purchase pays for the capture of additional carbon. Purchase of the Negative Black bracelet pays for the capture of twice the carbon used to produce it; the Negative Silver, which includes a silver bead, pays for the capture of five times the carbon used in manufacture; and Negative Gold, which includes a gold bead, funds the capture of ten times the carbon used.

Go Negative founder ‘Tito’ is also the founder of AirMiners, a community of carbon sequestration professionals. Their ultimate goal is to make a bracelet that is 100% atmospheric carbon (air diamonds). Tito sees the bracelet as the first step in that direction. The bracelet is already fully funded on Kickstarter, where pledges start at $75. Negative plans to ship in March 2020.

On Springwise, we are covering the large and growing movement to reduce and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Efforts we have covered recently include a protein powder made from carbon dioxide and a travel company that has self-imposed a carbon tax on all of its trips.




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