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The Conscious Christmas Store | Photo source Nadine Guerlain

Eco-friendly seasonal gift store opens in Dublin


Open for a limited time only, the plastic-free store is run by two Irish brands dedicated to reducing waste

Spotted: Opened on 30 October 2019, the Conscious Christmas Store makes it easy to shop with a clear conscience. It will help shoppers reduce the volume of non-recyclable gift-wrap used, as well as avoid the copious amounts of single-use plastic. The store is a partnership between The Kind, a zero-waste lifestyle store, and Jiminy, an environmentally friendly toys, arts and crafts store. The Conscious Christmas store is located at 13 Fade Street in Dublin.

Jiminy is running the toy section of the store, and The Kind will provide ethical and sustainable goods for the rest of the home. All toys sold by Jiminy are plastic-free, and are organised by occasion, age and theme. They also sell craft kits, art supplies, gift-wrap and cards, as well as Netherlands-made, plant-based, bioBuddi building blocks.

The Kind’s range of eco-friendly goods provide customers with replacements for almost all toxic, chemical-based cleaning products used in the kitchen, the bathroom and on the skin. The shop also sells books, stationery and wraps, tins and bottles and cups for eating and drinking whilst out.

The Conscious Christmas Store is open until the end of December.

Cosmetics and food are two substantial contributors to the spread of single-use plastics. Two of the innovations Springwise has spotted that are seeking to change this, are a zero packaging store that uses AR to provide product information, and a digital supermarket that connects shoppers with producers, to reduce costs and distribution resources.




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