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| Photo source Nom Website

Indian innovators create flavoured, edible straws


The wheat and rice flour-based straws are part of an effort to reduce plastic waste.

Spotted: India-based Nom has developed flour-based, edible straws. The straws are part of Nom’s larger mission to offer consumers easy ways to decrease waste.

The Nom straws offer an alternative to traditional straws. Moreover, unlike other eco-friendly straws, the Nom version is completely waste-free. Made from wheat and rice flours, vegetable oil, sugar and flavouring, the straw is completely edible.

The company aims to combat the stigma that edible straws are tasteless. They also offer a variety of flavours to provide “drink compatibility”. Flavours include vanilla, butterscotch, mint, chocolate and lemon-citrus.

Nom told Springwise that they are also creating a food box to extend the life of perishables, like fruits, vegetables and bakery goods.

Springwise has also spotted other alternatives to plastic straws, including seaweed-based straws.

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