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Take home a bag you helped assemble at the new store | Photo source Freitag

Sweat-Yourself-Shop offers a build-your-own-bag experience


Freitag, makers of bags fashioned from recycled truck tarpaulins, has opened a shop that allows buyers to create their own bag

Spotted: Over the last few years, we have seen a trend towards more active and authentic shopping experiences, with consumers increasingly wanting to feel a connection to the products they buy. Swiss brand Freitag has now taken this one step further, by inviting customers to take part in the creation of their own bags in an interactive space named the Sweat-Yourself-Shop.

Founded in 1993, Freitag specialises in practical bags made out of recycled truck tarpaulins. The company buys the old tarpaulins from trucking companies, cleans them, cuts them and sews them into durable, waterproof bags. Now instead of just browsing for bags, customers will be able to design the bags themselves, watch them being made, and even take part in the process. 

The new Zurich ‘micro-factory’ allows customers to choose the individual tarpaulin panels for the main bag and the outer pocket, and watch them being cut and stitched together. Customers can even operate the conveyor belt carrying the tarpaulin panels. The shop is designed to resemble a factory and also features large windows to allow passers-by to watch the assembly process from the street.

According to Freitag, the company was looking to create a unique retail experience. “With the new shop, customers can get further involved by assembling their bag to their own taste and getting involved in the final production steps. From now on, Freitag is transferring the final stages of production and the entire responsibility for the bag’s design to future owners…”

Freitag joins a number of other retailers who are experimenting with experience-based shopping to make their stores a destination for more than just buying. At Springwise, we have covered innovative retail experiences such as a pop-up interactive retail space and social shopping app that blends digital and in-person shopping.

Written By: Lisa Magloff

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