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Farmland in India | Photo source Ravi Pinisetti on Unsplash

Startup uses real-time data and IoT tech to improve water management


Kritsnam Technologies creates data-driven solutions to make sure communities have enough fresh water.

Spotted: India-based Kritsnam Technologies has developed a system that uses advanced technology — including sensors, machine learning, AI and IoT — to manage water supplies. The system has the potential to help communities secure sustainable water resources for drinking and farming.

The team started to create the system after members struggled to find reliable data on water usage from government sources. Their products include compact and low-power ground sensors that can be widely deployed to gather data from the field.

Real-time environmental data is then integrated with decision support systems for automation and timely alerts. The large data set has the potential to help communities make real-time decisions during flood seasons.

The systems could also assist local governments in providing a sustainable supply of water to residents and farmers.  The startup is currently expanding its operations. Eventually, it plans to monitor water bodies across the country.



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