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The eOdyn system | Photo source eOdyn

Maritime service measures ocean conditions for safer passages


The Maritime weather routing product SeaWaze promises cost efficiency and safety while reducing ecological footprint and CO2 emissions

Spotted: As one of its maritime “solutions,” French company eOdyn has invented SeaWaze™, a programme that measures ocean surface currents by analysing vessels tracks.  

SeaWaze™ measures sea conditions in real-time, as patented AI technology and machine-learning algorithms analyse vessel tracks to measure ocean surface currents. The mandatory communication system (Automatic Identification System, AIS) observes human activity and onboard ship, the real-time, large coverage of the currents informs decision-making and enables real situation awareness, planning, and constant re-assessment. 

By doing this, cost efficiency and safety are both secured, with the likelihood of downtime and incidents reduced. Indeed, eOdyn claims that when using SeaWaze™, “customers will save 5% of fuel, reduce ecological footprint and CO2 emissions, while improving safety.”

According to eOdyn, due to the need to counteract the dramatic impact that humanity is having on the world, Earth Observation (EO) has become a vital discipline, with the opportunities it provides to improve social and economic well-being. “eOdyn’s mission is to be a leader in Earth observation, by developing deep technologies relying on scientific validations, and commercial products to allow customers to create real impact”, says Yann Guichoux, Co-Founder and CEO of eOdyn. 

eOdyn are currently covering oceans all over the world, and also provide project-based services to customers who want to use their technologies for different purposes.

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