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Image recreating a scene from "the circle of life" | Photo source Future Landfill

Anti-plastic waste campaign launches using Lion King figures

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To raise awareness about plastic pollution, two Australian designers have recreated scenes from the Lion King movie using plastic figures in a landfill

Spotted: Together, Australian designers Tom Whitty, Alex Wadelton and photographer Stu Morley have launched the “Future Landfill” campaign to protest against the endorsement of plastic toys. The campaign was prompted after a popular Australian supermarket chain -Woolworths grocery- started gifting Lion King ooshies (squishy mini-figures) when customers spent over €12. 

During the campaign, the plastic ooshies were used to recreate various iconic scenes from the Lion King movie. However, instead of being located in the African Serengeti, the scenes were filmed in a landfill. 

By showing where these figures will end up, Whitty and Wadelton aim to foster greater awareness surrounding the reality of plastic toys. Since the campaign was launched during late august, the toys have also become a symbol of environmental un-responsibility. Wadelton says pushing these plastic parasites into the eco-system is morally reprehensible, and it’s teaching our kids a poor lesson that it’s OK to abandon environmental responsibility for short term gratification”.

As an alternative to the plastic-made-ooshies, the campaign has released a series of collectable cards. The cards are made out of biodegradable paper and are embedded with vegetable seeds. Therefore, not only can the cards be collected and traded, but they can also be planted to grow vegetables. 



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