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Aviation has some of the highest CO2 emissions of any industry | Photo source Vincent Camacho on Unsplash

Travel booking platform offsets carbon by planting trees

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A Czech travel company plans to invest one-third of its profits into tree planting, to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions

Spotted: Czech startup, flyBARBARA, is an all-in-one travel company that allows its clients to book everything they need in one go. In an effort to show its commitment to protecting the environment, the company has now announced plans to plant trees as compensation for the carbon dioxide emissions produced by air traffic.

flyBARBARA was founded on the idea of simplifying travel planning. They provide all of the necessary information available in one place, without the hassle of going through multiple platforms. Now they are the first travel company to invest one-third of their profits into planting trees, with the aim of offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the aviation industry. The trees are planted through an organisation that helps to choose the right areas to afforest and the projects to support. The company has mainly focused on planting trees in developing countries, which in turn also supports economic growth.  

flyBARBARA aims to keep everything transparent and all the records from donations, trees planted, and the number of tickets sold is presented on their website monthly. At the time of writing, 151 trees have been planted.

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