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Goodwings aims to turn the hotel industry into a catalyst for sustainable change | Photo source Goodwings

Hotel booking platform offsets 100 per cent of carbon emissions from hotel stays

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Goodwings doesn't spend on advertising and instead uses the money to buy carbon credits that support the Envira Amazonian Project in Brazil

Spotted: The Denmark-based, hotel booking platform Goodwings offers subscription-based access to more than one million hotels worldwide at wholesale rates. However, Goodwings is more than the average booking site, the company is a B Corp–certified member aiming to turn the hotel industry into a catalyst for sustainable change. With Goodwings, all hotel stays are 100 per cent carbon compensated, supporting people and the planet for free.

Its business model is built on partnerships, with a global network of 100 nonprofit partners in over 40 countries acting as their ambassadors and marketing channels. The money saved on advertising then gets redirected towards projects and people who are actively working towards the SDGs.

Lara Mulady, Head of Communications at Goodwings, told Springwise that “We wanted to take the focus away from radical innovations and instead look at how we could change existing services to make it easier for people to have an impact every day”. 

Every year, the company collects data on the total number of nights booked on Goodwings and passes it on to, their partner in carbon neutralisation. They then calculate the total carbon footprint for the year and to offset this, they buy carbon credits for’s Envira Amazonian Project in Brazil with all the money that would normally go towards their marketing budget. 

The project, which is certified by both the VCS and CCBS, ensures the preservation of an endangered tropical rainforest ecosystem while also providing the local community with amenities such as a new school, educational programs and health clinic.

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