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Plastic-free tray | Photo source Priestmangoode

Eco-friendly aeroplane trays made from coffee grounds

Travel & Tourism

The new trays aim to reduce the waste generated by commercial travel

Spotted: UK-based PriestmanGoode design studio has created eco-friendly replacements for the trays and food containers used on commercial flights. 

The designers used food waste and other biodegradable material to replace plastic. For instance, the reusable tray is a mixture of coffee grounds and husks. The single-use containers for food dishes are made from wheat bran. PriestmanGoode even created capsules from seaweed to hold milk and other sauces. 

Jo Rowan, Associate Strategy Director at PriestmanGoode says design offers a way to “look at how we can make things better.” That can develop ways to “minimise resources and waste” and “encourage change in consumer behaviour”.

The prototypes are part of a larger campaign to reduce the waste generated by travel. PriestmanGoode’s designs are also part of the Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink exhibit at the Design Museum in London. The exhibit runs until 9 February 2020. 



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