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THE BOX packaging | Photo source THE BOX

Smart and sustainable packaging box can handle 1,000 shipments on a single charge

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Non-paper delivery box uses internal sensors to keep shipments safe and an electronic ink display for continual reuse

Spotted: Smart, sustainable packaging company, LivingPackets, has partnered with ePaper technology business, E Ink, to provide E Ink displays for their invention: THE BOX — a connected delivery box made of an incredibly rigid material and that is designed to be used over and over again. THE BOX can run for up to a 1,000 shipments on a single charge before it gets refurbished and sent out for another 1,000 shipments. The paperless label makes addressing shipments quick and easy and allows businesses to accommodate last-minute amendments to delivery locations.

Created by LivingPackets, the reusable material and design of THE BOX includes several sensors for temperature, weight and humidity. THE BOX is available for both business and personal use. The design incorporates two sizes of packaging in one, and no additional materials such as bubble wrap or paper are required to keep products safe. The invention makes filling material such as bubble wrap obsolete.

THE BOX was recognised with an Innovation Award in the category “Tech for a Better World” at the 2020 CES, which is the largest consumer electronics show in the world. But LivingPackets isn’t just aiming to revolutionize the packaging industry. LivingPackets also created a system where anyone can contribute to the production of THE BOX and in return gets rewarded with 5x their original donation (a minimum of 8 years required). The company is encouraging both individuals and businesses to get involved, because the founders believe that the created wealth should be equally shared with everyone who helps to make THE BOX a success.

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