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Sustainable coffee cup

Sustainable coffee cup is made from coffee husk


This coffee cup could help coffee shops turn their coffee waste into a sustainable product that’s also beneficial to their customers.

An Australian start-up has come up with a clever way to re-use coffee husk, which hundreds of tonnes are wasted by coffee producers everywhere. This will not only create sustainable cafés and home users, but also reduce waste to zero on the farm where the coffee beans are picked.

So far, the HuskeeCup has received more than 77,000 USD in crowdfunding pledges and their goal was to reach 20,000 USD by July 25. The HuskeeCup is not only receiving attention from those seeking to achieve the sustainability mission, but also those looking for an alternative to a recyclable cup that will keep coffee hotter for longer and can be reused in coffee shops and cafés.

It’s chip and crack resistant, and is designed to last years in both café and home environments. What’s more, is the cup is designed with grooves on the outside which makes it dry quicker after washing and it is easily stackable. It comes in three sizes but they all fit a universal saucer, which is highly attractive to businesses.

The main innovations in the coffee industry to date, include the company bio-bean, who have come up with a way of turning used coffee grounds into fuel. As well as developing biofuels, they do collect used grounds from cafés and factories across the UK and transport them back to their lab. Similarly, Veolia is offering a new business solution to companies wanting to reduce coffee cup waste. However, with HuskeeCup being the first sustainable product, could this become the only cup to be used in coffee businesses across the globe as environmentally-friendly options get pushed to the top of the international agenda?



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