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Swashbuckling CT scanner gets kids to walk the plank

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The Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital in New York has installed a new CT scanner that is disguised to look like a pirate ship.

While some hospitals such as the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Canada may be investing in technology like the USD 15,000 MEDi to keep kids calm in hospital, others are going down a more analog route. The Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in New York has now installed a new CT scanner that is disguised to look like a pirate ship.

In order to get an accurate scan, it’s necessary for patients undergoing the process to remain still until it’s complete – something that’s difficult for kids, especially if they’re anxious about the procedure. In order to put younger visitors at ease, the entire room is decorated with bright, pirate-themed illustrations. The CT scanner itself looks like a ship, while the walls include friendly characters such as a monkey pirate and tiger captain. The playful installation is already a hit with kids, according to registered nurse Naoki Hawkins, who says that one child even said: “Hurry up and get out so I can play.”

The CT scanner puts children’s minds at rest while undergoing an unfamiliar procedure, while also helping doctors to more easily get the job done, avoiding repeat scans and exposure to radiation for the child. Are there other ways to provide a distraction for kids in hospitals?

Spotted by Murtaza Patel, written by Springwise



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