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In Sweden, grocer responds to restaurant 'foodstagrams' with home cooking instructions


The Ask CT Food campaign is enabling those eating out to Instagram their meal and receive a recipe to recreate it at home.

While some restaurant owners see smartphones as detrimental to the dining experience, other venues such as the Comodo in New York have embraced the technology, encouraging diners to help create a visual menu of its dishes on Instagram. The photo-sharing platform is proving useful once again as the Ask CT Food campaign is enabling restaurant customers to photograph their meal in order to receive a recipe to recreate it at home. CT Food is a supplier of Asian food in Sweden and the campaign has been designed to target those who eat out at Asian restaurants, but rarely cook the same dishes at home – either because the ingredients aren’t in typical supermarkets or they feel it’s beyond them. Diners at Asian restaurants can photograph their dish, upload the photo to Instagram and tag it with ‘@askctfood’. The company will then determine the dish and reply to the image with a list of ingredients and instructions on how to prepare it. Each ingredient is linked to a hashtag so users can see what it looks like when they come to buy the items. The video below explains more about the scheme: The Ask CT Food campaign targets those who already enjoy Asian food and encourages them to be adventurous by cooking at home while potentially saving money on restaurant bills. At the same time, CT Food benefits from gaining new customers. How else can people’s engagement with social media encourage greater involvement with brands? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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