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From Sweden, small clip fixes shirt buttons without needle and thread

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The tic device is made of recyclable plastic and helps owners repair their shirt buttons in seconds.

We recently saw Ministry of Supply‘s range of shirts that use material developed by NASA to keep the wearer cool. Using much more modest technology, the Sweden-based tic device nevertheless helps owners repair their shirt buttons in seconds, without the need for the usual needle and thread. In cases where a button comes loose and there is neither the time nor the resources to fix it, tic is a small, recyclable plastic clip that simply attaches the button back onto the shirt. Coming in a matchbook-style cardboard sleeve, users take one of the clips, press the spikes through the underside of the fabric, place the button over the top of the spikes and clamp down the clip. When the device is twisted away from the shirt, it leaves behind a small plastic clip now keeping the button attached to the shirt. The plastic is washable so users can either choose to keep the tic in place or replace it with thread at a later time. The following video shows how the device works: The tic is a simple solution to a problem that would otherwise require shirt owners to carry around a sewing kit, or try to find one in a store – both of which are time consuming and may not be feasible in a last minute situation. A pack of four tics retails for EUR 5.50 and is available in either black or white. Are there other ways to enable the mending of clothes on the go? Spotted by: Pablo Castelo



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