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In Sweden, telecom provider builds summertime 'internet-free zones'


Swedish telecom provider Telia offers a free download for users to disable the internet at home, and has created “internet-free zones” in various parts of Sweden.

It’s rare for a vendor to encourage customers to take a break from its products, but that’s just what Swedish telecom provider Telia has done this summer. Specifically, Telia not only offers a free download that customers can use to disable the internet for a while at home, it has also created what it calls “internet-free zones” in various parts of Sweden to help customers unplug for a while and enjoy summertime. A part of TeliaSonera Group, Telia offers its “internet-free” download for users of both Mac OS X and Windows. Launched in July, meanwhile, its internet-free zones are currently up and running in several Swedish locations, including Falkenberg and the Fors Golfklubb in Haninge. Identified by map on the Telia site, the specially designated zones effectively block all internet service. It is planned that the program will end later this month. One part sympvertising, one part advertising, Telia’s internet-free effort amounts to a fun anti-campaign that’s sure to attract some attention for its internet service. One for inspiration! Spotted by: Marleen



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