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Swedish town gets an unmanned convenience store

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An entrepreneur in Sweden has opened the first app-enabled, staffless convenience store in the small town of Viken.

We have seen an unmanned restaurant and an unmanned coffee shop. Now, an entrepreneur in Sweden has opened Naraffar the first staffless convenience store in the small town of Viken.


The 24-hour shop, opened by Robert Ilijason, stocks basically everything you would expect from a convenience store, including milk, bread, sugar, canned food and diapers. To shop there, local patrons simply download the shop’s app and register as a customer. Then, they use their smartphone to enter the store and scan their items. At the end of the month, they receive a bill for all of their items. The store, which relies on the honesty of customers, is also protected by six surveillance cameras and Ilijason, who lives nearby, receives a text alert if the front door remains open for longer than eight seconds.

The store provides a great alternative for customers, who would otherwise have to drive long distances to the nearest supermarket. Could the store be replicated in other isolated places?



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