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Swedish fashion brand launches its own secondhand store


Swedish fashion label Filippa K is promoting a longer life for its products by letting customers sell them in its very own secondhand store, which just opened in Stockholm. While Filippa K came up with the concept for a branded secondhand shop, the day-to-day business will be run by the founder of Judit Second Hand, a popular destination for vintage finds from the sixties and seventies. Situated next door to Judit’s, at Hornsgatan 77, Filippa K Second Hand sells women’s and men’s clothing, and accessories. Items brought in by customers are sold on commission. In addition to used items, the boutique will also sell collection samples, which should help bring in the fashionistas. The shop is part of a larger effort to become more environmentally aware, and Filippa K doesn’t aim to make any money reselling their garments. Filippa K’s creative director, Filippa Knutsson, stated that the concept is fully in line with what the brand stands for, pointing out that resales are made possible by Filippa K’s high quality and timeless design. While brands like Patagonia and Uniqlo have programs in place that either recycle fabric from used items or donate them to charity, we like Filippa K’s emphasis on reusing clothing, stressing its longevity and creating a healthy antidote to fast fashion. If you run a well-regarded secondhand store, now’s the time to contact local brands that might be interested in following in Filippa K’s footsteps. And the concept could be applied to other products, too. How about a branded bookstore dedicated to selling used Penguin books? Spotted by: Pastan via MZ



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