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Swim caps with a splash of customization

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Customization has already come to dresses and duvets, shoes and sleeping bags. For those who worried that there were limits on the products to which the concept could still be freshly applied, a new site out of Canada now lets consumers design their own swim caps, too. SwimCapz offers a series of online tools to help users customize a swim cap or bag. After choosing the specific product they wish to create (latex or silicone swim cap, for example), consumers begin by choosing from a list of available colours. Next, they can create the design for their customized item by adding any combination of text, clip art and uploaded images. Users can place designs wherever they’d like on their item as well as changing their size and rotation. They also get to select the ink colours used to print them. The minimum order is 50 caps or 12 bags; pricing begins at CDN 2.27 per latex cap or CDN 18 per bag. Shipping is free worldwide. Will consumers ever tire of having it their way? We think not. Keep the customization tools coming! Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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