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Modular "living system" converts cars into motorhomes

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As desirable as the idea of a motorhome may be, owning one can still pose many problems for holiday makers. As well as being expensive to buy, the vehicles are often cumbersome, slow, and bulky — and towing a caravan presents many of the same problems. Hoping to solve all of these issues and more, swissRoomBox have created a portable modular living system which can be transferred from car to car. The system — which comes in a deep red as a nod to the equally innovative Swiss Army Knife — enables its users to cook, eat, take a shower and sleep. By sliding the box-shaped units over each other, holiday makers can access a sink, hob, dining table, picnic table and chairs, a shower, and a double bed. The setup can be installed without any tools in 15 minutes by fixing the base frame to anchor points in the vehicle, with the only modification required being the connection of a specific electrical cable to the car battery. Once connected, electrical devices such as the pump and water boiler, as well as optional add-ons such as the fridge, and iPod and computer chargers, will all power themselves off the car battery, which will cut out once the battery only has 11 volts remaining — the minimum required for starting an engine. The battery will then recharge as the car is driven. The system can be expanded as each holidaymaker desires, with options for a built in or portable toilet on some models, and options to expand upon the two 12.5 liter water tanks. The swissRoomBox website also notes that tents can be fitted to the back of the car to enable use of the system in poor weather, as well as increasing the sleeping capacity. Prices start at CHF 8630.
By storing excess luggage in a roof rack, the system’s portability and adaptability opens up the motorhome experience to nearly anyone in possession of a car. Currently the system only ships to Europe, but work is already underway to make the SwissRoomBox compatible with non-EU countries’ gas and electricity standards. One to partner with or try out for yourself? Spotted by: Alberto Sequeira



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