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Emergency response software | Photo source Pixabay

Cloud-based system aids PR companies in a crisis

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An on-demand planning and response software helps novices quickly create an actionable crisis PR plan

PR planning and response software Blink OnDemand Crisis PR has launched to help PR companies react to a crisis. The system coaches users through a methodical, step-by-step process ranging from team role definition, risk assessment, spokesperson training, stakeholder identification, media response or reputation recovery.

Available 24/7 from any Internet-enabled device, the software includes an array of practical tips and pointers, detailed instructions, helpful templates and starter copy so even novices can follow the model and develop a comprehensive crisis PR plan that’s ready to activate. A PR crisis could be anything from a product being reported faulty to a famous client being caught doing something illegal. This software aims to help representatives react in the best way as soon as possible.

New systems are transforming the way we approach tasks, such as the cloud-based smart mailbox that means recipients don’t have to wait at home for parcels, and the AR display system on firefighters’ helmets that help them get out of burning buildings faster. How could adopting new systems transform your operation?




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