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T-shirt brand supports entrepreneurs in developing countries

Nonprofit & Social Cause

T-shirt brand Naked Hippy help small businesses in developing countries by investing all their profit in micro loans.

A few months ago we spotted adventure travel company OneSeed Expeditions, who support local female entrepreneurs in South East Asia by giving 10 percent of revenue to microfinance partners. On a similar mission, Florida-based t-shirt brand Naked Hippie invest all their profit in microloans to help grow small businesses in developing countries. Naked Hippie has a focus on fair trade, organic and sustainable production processes. Their range of eco tees sport simple designs with positive messages and cost USD 19 to USD 38. They hope that by investing in microloans they can help entrepreneurs in developing countries to grow their businesses, support their families and encourage economic development in the community. Naked Hippie use repaid loans to reinvest in other small businesses as well as campaign for fair trade initiatives and pesticide-free farming. They launched their eco-wristbands in September last year and currently ship throughout the US and Canada. Naked Hippy believe they’re the only brand in the world whose success relies 100 percent on the people they help. In the shift towards more ethically-minded consumerism, could a similar model support your business? Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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