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T-shirts that talk code


Last June, we wrote about a t-shirt retailer whose shirts are custom-printed with a unique text message keyword and phone number. Anyone wanting to contact the t-shirt’s wearer or learn more about the message printed on the shirt can contact the wearer via a text message. US-based Augme goes a step further. Instead of a text message, the site lets users create a unique two-dimensional barcode. When scanned by a cell phone, the viewer’s phone links up with the website embedded in the code: could be the wearer’s MySpace profile or a favourite cause. Augme also lets users link to profile pages they create on the Augme site. And the revenue model? An online store selling customizable tees. The range of shirts is rather limited at the moment—there’s an opp for other entrepreneurs! 😉 In parts of Asia, the box-shaped codes are becoming as common as URLS and barcodes, and present a streamlined way to access information. One for savvy entrepreneurs and marketers in the rest of the world to dive into, feeding consumers’ infolust? Visit the Active Print Project to learn how marketers and others are using mobile-coded media. Spotted by: Arkay



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