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T-shirts with ethnic pride

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Sporting all manner of iconic images and clever slogans, printed t-shirts continue to be hot fashion—and hot business. Online retailers Migrante and Inka Clothing Co. are cashing in by targeting a specialized market: Latino emigrants. Both offer hip and stylish clothing that embraces Hispanic culture and ideals so customers can literally wear their ethnic pride on their sleeves long after they’ve departed their home countries. With the vast influx of immigrants to the United States from Mexico, Central America and South America, it makes sense to cater to this growing customer base. Moreover, since a strong sense of community is at the foundation of both businesses, it’s an easy leap for these brands to be much more than just t-shirt shops. Migrante, which is Spanish for “migrant,” bills itself as “more than fashion, a whole movement,” bringing together style, art music, identity and a new voice. Similarly, Inka Clothes is “an urban hippie lifestyle brand that promotes individuality through cultural, political and social awareness.” As globalization continues to redefine our world, business opportunities that appeal to customers’ social and ethnic identities are proliferating. Printed t-shirts—an inexpensive and easy start-up—are just the tip of the iceberg! Spotted by: Miguel Betancur Websites:



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