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Table with a view, and a show — Update

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Last year, we featured a Belgian company that organizes dinners in the sky, with a table, chairs and guests suspended from a crane. The concept made quite a splash and, over the past year, has travelled across Europe and attained TÜV certification—one of the toughest seals of security. Recently, Dinner in the Sky added a gravity-defying element to the mix: a concert in the air. Suspended from a second crane, a violinist and a pianist—playing a grand piano, no less—performed for 22 guests who were dangling from their own crane several metres away. What’s next: acrobats, dancers, a play? Other suggestions for use of a twin crane include unveiling a new car model, launching an advertising campaign or hosting a fashion show. Anything presented at a height of 50 meters (164 feet) is bound to make a more lasting impression than it would on terra firma. This is the experience economy, after all 😉



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