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Elderly companion | Photo source rawpixel on Unsplash

Tablet device helps elderly with feelings of isolation

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Everyday technology receives a simplified update to better suit older populations.

Spotted: From a social robot to a wearable device, hardware is increasingly popping up to make people’s lives better. Although the elderly are often not extremely tech-savvy, there are also attempts to use modern innovations to their advantage. Australian startup Conpago has developed hardware to help the older generation with feelings of isolation.

In the UK, up to sixteen percent of the older population reported feelings of loneliness. When looking at Australia, this increases up to forty percent. Mackenzie Jackson and Marley Brown were motivated to create their Brisbane-based startup, which aims to reduce loneliness and connect the elderly. They have a particular focus on those living in aged-care facilities.

The main component of Conpago’s services is Companion. This is a tablet software with simplified functionality to accommodate for older users. It has the core elements of a smartphone, such as allowing users to make calls, send texts, make and receive calendar reminders, and keep up to date with what’s happening in their community. In addition to this hardware, there is also the Conpago Dashboard. This targets aged care providers, integrating with existing systems and allowing staff to check in with their residents. They can use the software to update appointment information, send medication reminders, and promote events. In this way, the lives of both the elderly patients themselves and the staff are made easier.

Conpago are looking to expand their products further in Australia, outside of Brisbane and eventually even abroad.



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