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Küschall Superstar

Tailor made graphene wheelchair is stronger than steel

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Designed in partnership with Formula 1 manufacturers, this graphene wheelchair is strong, durable and tailor made.

Switzerland-based Küschall, aims to make wheelchairs that make everyday life easier. Their latest wheelchair is the Superstar. It is the first wheelchair built from graphene – an aerospace material. Graphene is stronger than steel and tougher than diamond, yet very flexible. It’s lightweight and has high mechanical resistance and durability.

The Superstar is tailor made to each user. Küschall carries out a bio-mechanical assessment and the wheelchair is then handmade to suit each individual’s needs. Some of the Superstar’s features include a customised back rest and seat cushion, an integrated mudguard to protect users from the environment and integrated LED for safe night-time driving. Users can also personalise their wheelchair by choosing from a range of colours, graphics and finishes.

Furthermore, the Superstar has been developed in partnership with Formula 1 manufacturers to push the boundaries of wheelchair driving performance. Küschall claim that 50 to 70 percent of wheelchair users develop upper body injuries after 10 to 15 years. To address this issue, the Superstar’s design will feature wheels that are positioned in a closer proximity. This will minimise the risk of upper body injuries and increase propelling efficiency. In addition, users can adjust the Superstar depending on different activities.

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