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Talent management and hiring platform reduces gender gap

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North America-based SheWorks! matches employers with professional women for a worldwide, remote workforce that helps companies close the global gender gap.

SheWorks! uses a cloud-based management system to provide companies with a software as a service platform for building and managing a distributed team of contractors. Each project has a team room so managers can quickly see who is working on what, and online timesheets and project plans makes oversight easy. Designed to help connect women worldwide with flexible job opportunities, SheWorks! has candidates available for a range of jobs, including content writing and translation, graphic design, programming and web development and social media marketing. The company’s cloud system is the same one used by the CIA in the United States, and the SheWorks! team provides support and bespoke solutions for every stage of a project, from defining strategy to recruiting and management.

Supporting women in reaching employment parity, in terms of both salary and jobs held, is an on-going international challenge. Networks are important, and the world’s first global creative connector for women in creative and media industries recently launched with a goal of getting more women into the top jobs still traditionally held by men. In Brazil, a new female-only co-working space recently opened to help combat endemic sexual violence while supporting women in finding and keeping employment. How can successful projects like these be scaled and adapted for national use?



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