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Tasting bar for babies serves up tryvertising for tykes


Fresh and frozen gourmet baby foods are something we’ve seen several companies begin to offer in Europe and the United States, as we noted in a story last year. Now a California company is taking the idea one step further with a tasting bar and lounge that lets babies try such foods before their parents buy. Pomme Bébé is an unusual restaurant in Newport Beach, that serves nothing but organic baby and toddler meals prepared fresh in its on-site kitchen. Pomme Bébé peels, steams and purees by hand the ingredients in its meals, which feature seasonal recipes developed by critically acclaimed, five-star chef Laurent Brazier. Fall flavours, for example, include Apple Cranberry Puree, Chicken Pot Pie Blend and Autumn Stew. With prices beginning at USD 3.25 for a four-ounce serving, foods are also available online or through Whole Foods markets nationwide. Prepared without high-heat processes–which can destroy vital nutrients, tastes and colours–Pomme Bébé’s meals contain no preservatives, fillers, artificial flavours, chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. What’s especially interesting is that discerning baby clientele can sample Pomme Bébé’s offerings–for free–at its onsite Tasting Bar and luxurious, sit-down Bébé Lounge. The Tasting Bar resembles a sushi bar–featuring high chairs where the stools would be–with simple, clean lines to avoid distracting pint-sized gourmands. The Bébé Lounge, meanwhile, includes seating for grownups as well and has reportedly come to serve as a local hotspot for playdates and parties. What’s better than a load of coupons or one-way advertising messages? Tryvertising, of course–targeted in this case at notoriously finicky pint-sized consumers. When in doubt, let them try it out! (Related: Social tryvertising for busy mothers.) Spotted by: Mary Kincaid



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