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Web simulator for 'trying on' real tattoos

Fashion & Beauty

There are few commitments in life as irrevocable as getting a tattoo, yet typically there’s no way to try them on before taking the plunge. Enter TatMash, a site that lets users see what a real tattoo would look like on them before they really get it done. A broad array of tattoo designs are already available on California-based TatMash, and users can also upload their own. To see what one would look like on them, they simply upload a photo of themselves and drag the tattoo’s image to the spot on their body where they’d like to have it done. Ad-supported TatMash is free for users. If today’s trysumers like to try before they buy even with relatively low-commitment purchases like cosmetics, the concept is sure to please when the product in question is designed to last a lifetime. Keep the virtual tryvertising innovations coming! (Related: Digital makeup mirror enables virtual tryvertisingGraphic decals turn casts into works of art.) Spotted by: Cecilia Biemann



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